Riverbank Chamber
Of Commerce

Chamber works on improving
the local business climate

While you’re busy running your business, the Riverbank Chamber of Commerce is taking action to improve the local business climate. Whether you are self-employed or employ 1,000, you’ll find a door to business contacts. The Chamber holds early morning Coffee Hours and Membership Mixers. As a member of the Chamber, you receive the "red carpet" treatment. This door of opportunity provides you with business networking and referral opportunities, visibility, and free publicity. Chamber members can sponsor events, attend business seminars, see their listing on the Chamber’s Membership Directory on the web site. Ribbon cutting ceremonies and personal visits from the Ambassadors are additional services from the Chamber. Most important are opportunities to become directly involved with economic enhancement, legislation, education and other local issues.

More About Membership

“Active membership is the greatest asset of any Chamber of Commerce and Riverbank is no different” said past board member Leonard Hansen.  “Membership not only drives the quantity but also quality of the functions that a chamber can put together. Membership makes the networking opportunities worthwhile” said Hansen.  There has been no increase in the membership dues with categories for non-profit groups and interested individuals being added at a reduced rate.  “Our goal is to reach 100 members and have those members take an active interest in the local business community” said Hansen.

Showcase your business: Join the Riverbank Chamber of Commerce!